How to Save Your Lamination Flooring for a Long Time?


So you took the plunge and got laminate flooring done in your home. You liked it at first; however, soon you found the floors to be irritably susceptible to scratches, sunlight, and stains. The claws of your pet also seem to be making their marks on your new floors. If you are looking for ways to protect your lamination floor then you have come to right place. We have enlisted some tips below so that you can save your lamination flooring and make them sustain for a long time.

1.     Attach pads to the bottom of the furniture

By placing pads underneath the furniture you will reduce the chances of your flooring getting scratches. Tables, chairs, cupboards, stools, and trolleys should be placed over mats because if you ever think about rearranging your furniture you won’t have to deal with those nasty scratch marks.

You should also check the pads after a few months to see if they have been fully compressed or not. If they did get fully compressed then you should change them.

2.     Don’t drag furniture across the halls

After the floors have been laminated you will need to put your furniture back in its place. In lieu of dragging the furniture just lift and put it where you see it fits. Small changes in habits like that can really save your floors.

3.     Place rugs and carpets in your home

In addition to saving your floors from looking old and cracked, rugs add warmth and class to a room so putting rugs around your home is something you should definitely consider doing. Place rugs in areas especially that have a heavy foot traffic like the main entrance where guests first arrive when they come to your house.

4.     Place mats in your main entrance

By placing mats you will enable your guests to wipe off their shoes before heading inside your house. You can also enforce a rule which makes your guests take off their shoes before they enter your place. This way you will eliminate dirt, dust, pebbles, and other debris from your house.

5.     Keep in check the humidity levels

The humidity levels affect the lamination floors too because the expansion and contraction of the lamination floors due to humidity can cause warping in your floors.

Purchase a humidistat to check the level of humidity in your house. A humidifier and a dehumidifier can be of great help when it comes to keeping your floors from getting warped.

6.     Immediately dry the spills as soon as they occur

As soon as you spill something on the floor you should clean it up because you want to prevent your floor from getting damaged and weakened by the water. The water could get into the cracks and do a lot of damage that you wouldn’t know about immediately.

As for the cleaning products that you use for your floors, purchase something that doesn’t contain ammonia because it’s harmful for laminate flooring.